Every day humanity is taking a bold step toward leaving on a digitized future; in fact, an entire generation (millennials) has grown up immersed in the digital world.

Digital transformation is here to disrupt entire business models, create efficiencies and enhance customers experiences.

At Sanko IB, we have been working very hard for the past years to make the business case for digital transformation in intelligent buildings in Japan.

In Hospitality, the value for business transformation lies in lower energy use, greater occupant comfort, and simplified operation.

We succeeded in delivering the first Smart Hotel in Japan: The Prince Gallery Kioicho. Every year 90,000 room nights are occupied by guests that enjoy the comfort of their room, enhancing their well-being.

At Sanko IB, we will continue delivering thousands of new intelligent hotel rooms that will be occupied by guests coming from all over the world in 2020 to Japan.

In Data Centers the value for digital transformation lies in the ability to do more computing with less cost.

We made that possible through the integration of supervisory software, cloud analytics, and on-site expert support.

Our “client” could deliver a Tier three facility, 15 MW of IT power with 22,000 intelligent soft point and 2000 hard wired points connected through our Smart Data Center Solution.

Our clients needed a trusted authority to unlock the potential of digital transformation to create real Intelligent Buildings.

They relied on us because we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience in building automation, energy analytics, network infrastructure, cloud, data science, IT, and IoT.

I am proud to announce that under our new corporate name "Sanko IB", we will continue to promote our range of Intelligent Buildings solutions to help to transform the way buildings are delivered between building providers and building owners.

Our MISSION will continue to deliver “HUMAN CENTRIC BUILDING AUTOMATION designed to enhance well-being as the central value in the space where we live, work, sleep, and play.

Shogo Kitagawa