August 1st, 2019 Tokyo, Japan


Sanko Telecom Co., Ltd announces Company Name change to Sanko IB Co., Ltd.


Tokyo, Aug 1st, 2019 / Sanko Telecom Co., Ltd‒ a 34 years old Japanese leading company in the fields of Telecom, IT, and Building Automation technologies‒ announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Sanko IB Co., Ltd ‒ (Sanko Intelligent Buildings).

The name change reflects the company's broader commitment and expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of Intelligent Buildings.

The new name ‒ Sanko IB Co., Ltd ‒ allows us to emphasize our wide-ranging of solutions around the way buildings are delivered between building providers and building owners; our MISSION is to deliver “HUMAN CENTRIC BUILDING AUTOMATION” designed to enhance well-being as central value in the space where we live, work, sleep and play, as a technology company, we are committed to deliver breakthrough products and services that will help to connect all the end points seamlessly in buildings”“said William Achury, President of Sanko IB Co., Ltd”

Our Solutions:

Sanko IB Co., Ltd ‒ (Sanko Intelligent Buildings) lineup of solutions includes the company's products and services expertise. We analyze people behaviors, processes, and assets to optimize building performance, enhance work environments, and continuously monitor to ensure the best operational


About Sanko IB Co., Ltd:

Sanko IB Co., Ltd is a leading intelligent building service provider; our solutions and expertise deliver real quantifiable value to business customers. Sanko IB Co., Ltd serves customers of all sizes from major energy users, international hotel brands, multinational data centers, large general constructors, system integrator, commercial real estate operators, and public sector organizations. Base in Tokyo, Japan For more information about our Corporate Mission, Vision and Corporate Strategy please visit: