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What is EcoStruxure™ Building

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform, in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

EcoStruxure delivers Innovation at Every Level from Connected Products to Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics and Services, on 6 domains of expertise – Power, IT, Building, Machine, Plant and Grid – delivering enhanced value around safety, reliability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity to our customers.

Maximize Efficiency of Buildings
Maximize efficiency

Energy efficiency via active control of building spaces

Optimize Comfort & Productivity
Optimize comfort and productivity

Energy costs with EcoStruxure™ Building

Increase Value of Buildings
Improvement of building value

Of building life cycle costs are operating expenses


Features and Benefits

  • Improve the building's value and reduce energy consumption by about 30% per year.
  • Integrates multiple systems and devices to collect, analyze and manage data across the enterprise
    (Leverage native support for open protocols including LON®, BACnet™, Modbus® and Web Services)
  • It is possible to manage and control "anytime anywhere" from the web browser in real time.
  • Easily incorporate Web Services to access external data – such as weather and utility costs
  • The highest level cyber security
  • Organize interface by individual users to suit assorted needs and roles; preferences and favorites stay with users
  • Optimize building operations with drag-and-drop trending, one-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like scheduling and easy-to-use alarms
  • Speed installation and enhance building operation and maintenance
  • Turn system data into actionable intelligence to optimize building performance and create productive environments

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EcoStruxure™ Building architecture


Apps, Analytics & Services

EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor

Analysis tools to improve operational efficiency and building comfort while reducing energy costs

  • Get property overviews
  • Simplify benchmarking
  • Recommend prioritized actions
  • Quickly identify root causes
  • Put recommendations into action
Reduce complaints
Fewer complaints
Reduce energy
Reduced energy
Reduced maintenance
less unscheduled aintenance

Edge Control software

EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

The edge control heart of the system to create future-ready smart buildings

  • An open integration platform that integrates multiple systems and devices to collect, analyze and manage data across the enterprise
  • Monitor, manage and control building operations on one network to increase efficiency
  • Turn system data into actionable intelligence to optimize building performance and create productive environments

SmartX Edge Server

AS-P : Ideal for enterprise installation and transition simplification

  • Network controller and server in one
  • Faster dual-core processor for improved performance
  • Large 512 MB RAM memory size
  • Dual Ethernet ports, future-ready to elevate BACnet IP communication to the field controller level
  • Communications hub: BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, Web Services
  • Centralized control, database, serving out to user interfaces(WorkStation, WebStation and apps)
  • UL-864 certification for smoke control

AS-B : Ideal for small-to-medium main plant applications

  • Powerful, compact all-in-one BMS design

EcoStruxure™ Energy Expert

Monitor, measure and optimize your building’s non-critical power in the same way as HVAC, lighting and fire safety systems

EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

An autonomous solution that integrates with EcoStruxure Building Operation software to deliver visualization and control of the entire building

Connected Products

SmartX Edge ServerI/O モジュール
SmartX Edge Server
I/O modules
  • Supports up to 32 I/O modules
  • 17 different I/O modules allows for centralized control of large mechanical systems
  • 2-piece design with patented locking handles
  • Separate wiring base
  • Field marking feature with protective windows
SmartX IP controller
IP Controller
SmartX MP-C 24 & 36 points
SmartX IP controller
IP Controller
SmartX MP-C 15 & 18 points
SmartX IP controller mobile app
SmartX IP Controller Mobile App
Configure SmartX IP Controllers without a server connection; commissioning up to 20% faster
SmartX controller AD
SmartX Controller AD
AD Link enables direct connection to SmartX Edge Server – AS-P or AS-B – no WiFi required
SmartX Living space sensor
SmartX Living Space Sensors
  • Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2、Motion, sensor that integrates four functions
  • Customizable models to best fit application
  • Replacement ease for repair or upgrade
  • Service port access for commissioning tool
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Strong support system by engineers

We strongly support system development by experienced engineers.

  • Strategy of implementation and profile
  • We will create a road map of implementation and release date
  • Identify risks and suggest mitigation measures
  • Training for system developers and sales engineers
  • We prepare a wide range of contents from basic to actual case
  • Optimum design is tailored to customer needs such as system design, software, hardware design etc
  • Support for solving problem occurring in source code
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Creating a test / issue report
  • In case of trouble related to BACnet, explanation of details and consultation on solution
  • Support to make customer's product BACnet specification
  • Integrate to device using proprietary BACnet stack (IP, MS / TP) API Operation in Linux, Windows and OS independent environment
Application development
Application development
  • End to end application development service
  • Development according to customer’s requirements
  • Hardware / software / firmware design, implementation
  • Function test, practice test for BACnet certification
  • Hardware / software / firmware design, implementation
  • BACnet stack (IP / MSTP) integration
  • Function test, practice test for BACnet certification