Since the establishment of Sanko Telecom Co., Ltd. on November 12, 1986, we have provided high quality global products maily focusing on information and communication-related equipment.

In recent years, the purpose of information and communication infrastructures has diversified: not only communication between PCs and servers, but also IoT, which connects sensors and devices to the Internet, has become common.

In the midst of these trends, we focused on smart building solutions and changed our name from Sanko Telecom to Sanko IB (Intelligent Buildings).

With the diversification of information and communication, servers are also evolving. The virtualization of servers has made it possible to implement a variety of applications.
This has led to a diversification in the locations where servers are built, including on-premise and in the cloud. SD WAN is also driving an evolution in which terminals and equipment at each location are connected to services provided on SaaS and IaaS.

Thus, as the business environment evolves and social conditions change, it is inevitable to follow the trends of Digitization, Digitalization, and DX (Digital Transformation). For this reason, we have formulated the Sanko IB 3.0 vision, and have proposed the Building Operating System (BOS) as its core architecture.

To create a truly smart building, you need a reliable partner who is familiar with electrical, lighting, and HVAC equipment, as well as the IT infrastructure that underpins DX.

We have been in Japan for more than 35 years, and our extensive experience in the building automation industry has made us the partner of choice for many companies.

Under the vision of Sanko IB 3.0, we aim to be the leading IoT automation company. We will continue to offer a wide range of solutions to building providers and owners in accordance with our mission: APPLICATION FRIENDLY BUILDING OPERATION.

Shogo Kitagawa